Keep Calm T-Shirt
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Slim Joe Torso Gel Only
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Our Price: $272.93
20% Ballistic Gelatin FBI Block
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Our Price: $158.23
Keep Calm We Are Ballistics Experts T-Shirt

Looking for Great Value on a Ballistic Gel in the shape of a Slim Human Torso (molded not included)? Give Slim Joe a try! Its half the thickness as our original Joe Fit torso and 1/2 the price! Slim Joe dummy is completely reusable. Slim Joe Fit is made of our industry leading synthetic ballistic gelatin and meets the FBI protocol for calibrating ballistic gelatin to match human tissue. Slim Joe Fit matches an Slim athletic male.

Our NATO Ballistic Gelatin matches 20% ballistic gelatin standers.  This formula of our synthetic ballistic gelatin is 100% clear, reusable, and requires no refrigeration!  Our entire line of NATO synthetic ballistic gelatin follows the same protocol for traditional 10% ballistic gelatin.  To pass this protocol a BB must meet the following criteria, which is by shooting a BB at 590 feet per second +/- 10 feet into a block of gelatin, and the resting position of the BB is (1.25”-1.75” or 4.4 ± 0.2 cm).

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