10% Ballistic Gelatin FBI Block
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Our Price: $129.65
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20% Ballistic Gelatin FBI Block
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
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10% Ballistic Gelatin Air Rifle Block
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Our Price: $36.66
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Our FBI Block is perfect for terminal ballistics testing for all handguns and rifles where penetrations are less than 16 inches. The FBI Block meets FBI ballistics testing protocol 100%, and completely simulates the testing performed by the FBI. This block is the same size that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies use for terminal ballistics testing and data. Ballistic Gelatin FBI Block sized for hunters, hobbyist, semi-professional, and professional shooters, all types of law enforcement agencies.

Our NATO Ballistic Gelatin matches 20% ballistic gelatin standers.  This formula of our synthetic ballistic gelatin is 100% clear, reusable, and requires no refrigeration!  Our entire line of NATO synthetic ballistic gelatin follows the same protocol for traditional 10% ballistic gelatin.  To pass this protocol a BB must meet the following criteria, which is by shooting a BB at 590 feet per second +/- 10 feet into a block of gelatin, and the resting position of the BB is (1.25”-1.75” or 4.4 ± 0.2 cm).

Clear Ballistic Gelatin Air Rifle Block is perfect for all non-lethal hobby weapons, and commercial-grade air guns. The Air Rifle Block is the perfect size for testing the flight and penetration of projectiles for all of your non-lethal hobby weapons, and all commercial grade air guns.

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